Values of the Organisation

1. Transparency: Munnade will make sure that details of its policies, programs, activities, and finances are accessible to its board members, employees, government, donors, beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

2. Free from Corruption: The organization will show zero tolerance to any form of corruption at all levels. Policies and systems will be in place to deal with corruption.

3. Involving its primary stakeholders: As far as possible, the primary stakeholders will be consulted while implementing projects and will be involved to plan, monitor, implement and evaluate the projects.

4. Mutual Respect and Co-operation: Transactions with board members, employees, primary stakeholders, donors, and other stakeholders will be carried out with utmost respect and cooperation.

5. Improving the attitudes, skill, and knowledge: Efforts will be made to train the ED and staff regularly to improve their knowledge. attitudes and skills.

6. Career Growth: A career growth plan will be developed for each and every employee of the organization.