Munnade Social Organisation empowers garment workers and their family members through training, counselling, legal support, self-help groups, and assistance to get scholarships and pensions.

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Munnade Social Organisation

We are actively working at Bangalore, Bangalore Rural and Tumkur

Munnade Social Organisation, established in 2011, is dedicated to the welfare of women garment workers and improving their living and working conditions. Based in Bengaluru, the organisation was founded by a group of ex-women garment workers, who understand the sector well and are deeply sensitive to the issues, affecting women, working in the garment sector. Apart from directly, supporting women garment workers through forming Self-Help Groups, training on various labour laws, capacity building, counselling and legal assistance. Munnade supports their children's day-care and education and helps them to access various welfare schemes through the Workers Welfare Board, Department of Women and Child Development and Department of Backward Class and Minorities among others as a representative body. Munnade advocates Garment Workers’ needs with the state government.

Mission & Vision


"Women garment workers enjoy a happy domestic life and a violence-free workplace"


1. Empower female garment workers to deal with and reduce domestic violence at home and harassment at the workplace.

2. Ensure that female garment workers access social security, worker welfare, and government services and schemes.

3. Enhance the security, care, and development of garment workers' children aged 0-12 years.

4. Mainstream the children of garment workers aged 6-16 years through education and life skills development.

Our Activities


Women Garment workers’ Conclave

The Women Garment Workers Conclave held on September 24, 2023, was a significant gathering that brought together hundreds of women workers to voice their concerns and demands. The event was marked by the absence of key ministers, but their representation by P G R Sindhia and his promise to organize further discussions with the ministers provided a ray of hope for the workers. The sharing of personal experiences added depth and urgency to the issues at hand, underscoring the need for swift and meaningful action to improve the lives of women garment workers in the region.

Training on Reproductive Health to Adolescent Girls

The training session on reproductive health for adolescent girls conducted by Gayithri from Meetoo organization was informative and empowering. It provided these young girls with essential knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their reproductive health, ultimately contributing to their overall well-being and future. The participants left the session better equipped to navigate the challenges of adolescence and to make healthy choices in their lives. The training session was highly interactive, allowing the girls to ask questions and share their concerns. Gayithri used a variety of educational materials, including visual aids, brochures, and videos, to make the information more accessible and engaging.

Training on Metal Health

Training on mental health is a crucial aspect of promoting overall well-being and providing effective support for individuals dealing with mental health issues. Training on mental health is a vital component of creating a more informed, empathetic, and supportive society. It empowers individuals to recognize and respond to mental health challenges, ultimately improving the overall mental well-being of communities.

Parent’s Meeting at Munnade Care and Support Centre.

The parent-teacher meetings which were conducted on August 13 2023, parent-teacher meetings are an important part of the education system, as they facilitate collaboration between home and school to ensure the best possible educational experience for the child.

Training on Human and Women Rights

Training on human and women's rights is not only about understanding the principles but also about actively working towards the promotion and protection of these rights. By educating individuals and communities, we can contribute to a more just and equitable society where everyone's rights are respected and upheld.

Training on Labour Rights

Training on labour rights is not only a legal requirement in many places but also a moral imperative. It empowers workers, fosters a harmonious workplace, and contributes to a more equitable society. It is the responsibility of both employers and employees to engage in this process to ensure that labour rights are respected and upheld.

Training on Domestic Violence

Training on the Domestic Violence Act is an essential tool in the fight against domestic violence. By equipping relevant stakeholders with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively respond to and prevent domestic violence, we can work towards a society where individuals are safe and protected in their own homes. Such training is not only about legal compliance but also about promoting empathy, support, and empowerment for survivors of domestic violence.

Training on Child Rights & Child Abuse

The training session on Child Rights and Child Abuse was conducted on July 22, 2023. The children were left with a greater understanding of their rights and a heightened awareness of child abuse issues. This knowledge is an essential step in ensuring their safety and well-being. We thank Mr. Rajeev from SPAD for his valuable contribution to this important initiative.

Training on Life Skill

The training session on Life Skills was conducted on July 19, 2023, and the training session with Mr Mahadev Myagei was well-received by all participants. It provided valuable insights into the importance of life skills and equipped attendees with practical tools and strategies to enhance their personal and professional lives. The session was not only informative but also engaging, making it a productive and enjoyable learning experience. Participants left with a better understanding of how to apply life skills in their daily lives and work towards personal growth and success.

Training on ways to obtain benefits from factory managements, government, NGOs and worker organisati

The main focus of this training was to maximize the benefits obtained from factory managements, government entities, NGOs, and worker organizations, a multifaceted approach is often the most effective. Cooperation, communication, and persistent advocacy are essential components of this process. By combining these strategies, workers can work toward a fair and equitable working environment that provides them with the benefits and rights they deserve.

Internal Women’s Day

During International Women's Day 2023, there was a collective call for change. Participants emphasized the need for flexible work arrangements, equal pay for equal work, and policies that support better work-life balance. It was a day to acknowledge the importance of dismantling gender-related disparities in the workplace and creating a more inclusive, fair, and just society for women.

Self-Help Groups

Munnade Social Organization continued to strengthen the Self-Help Groups through technical inputs.The Self-Help Groups are carrying out saving and thrift activities efficiently. Each group has about 15 to 20 members and there are at present 35 functioning SHGs. Munnade is helping the members to maintain the groups and their accounts. The groups have borrowed loans from their savings and have used for education of children health issues, house leasing, repaying their high interest loans, to release their mortgaged gold ornaments etc. Because of such support received through the SHGs, the workers are free from every day financial tensions and are able to learn and address the issues faced by them at workplace.

Self-Help Group Update -2020-21

Munnade Social Organization continued to strengthen the Self-Help Groups through technical inputs. The Self-Help Groups are carrying out saving and thrift activities efficiently. Each group has about 15 to 20 members and there are at present 35 functioning SHGs. Munnade is helping the members to maintain the groups and their accounts. The groups have borrowed loans from their savings and have used for the education of children, health issues, house leasing, repaying their high-interest loans, releasing their mortgaged gold ornaments etc. Because of such support received through the SHGs, the workers are free from everyday financial tensions and are able to learn and address the issues faced them at home and at the workplace.
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Area Meetings with Workers

To sensitize women garment workers, Munnade has conducted 80 area meetings in workers residential areas and created awareness on Covid-19, domestic and other social issues. Around 1200 women workers and their family members benefitted from this initiative

Training Programmes for Women Garment Workers

Munnade has organised 13 training programmes for women garment workers on various beneficial topics like Government Entitlements, Labour Law Reforms, Awareness on COVID-19, COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on workers, Domestic Violence Act, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, Gender and Gender discrimination and etc. Around 510 workers benefitted from these training programmes.
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Educational Support

The teachers have supported the children to complete their homework and strived to reduce the learning gap which is increased due to Covid-19 pandemic. Along with academics, teachers also teach about the environment and civic education, gender sensitization, rhymes, indoor and outdoor games, etc. Through this Munnade is striving for the student’s holistic development


Health Camp on account of International Women’s Day Celebration

Munnade in collaboration with Cividep-India, Fedina and Sapthagiri Hospital has conducted a Health Camp on 28th March 2021 on account of International Women's Day in Gruhalakshmi Layout, Nelagadaranahalli today. More than 450 low-wage women workers and their dependents have benefitted from this camp
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Identify children’s socio-emotional-psychological and developmental needs

An event has been organized by Munnade to identify the children’s socio-emotional-psychological and developmental and the ways of fulfilling them. Mr. Chandru was the resource person for this event too. Chandru has made children identify their own needs and how to get help from various stakeholders to fulfil them through various activities. 13 elder students have participated in this session and received the benefit.

Health Camp in collaboration with Labour Welfare Board

Munnade has Successfully conducted the Health Camp (General and Gynaecological) in Govt Higher Primary School in Nayandahalli premises, on 21st February 2021 sponsored by Labour Welfare Board. Mr. Mukunda KG, Labour Officer and Dr. Nithyanand, Pediatrician and RMO at ESI Hospital, Indiranagar have inaugurated the camp. Two Gynecologists', two Pediatricians and Three General check-up doctors and around seven nurses were present in the Camp and supported us to make it successful. Around 500 workers and their dependents have benefitted from this camp
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Establishment of Munnade Care and Support Centre

Munnade, to support working women with young children, has set up Care and Support Centre in Avalahalli, Byatarayapura ward in the premises of Sri Patel Gullappa Public School. Munnade through this Centre has continued to support 40 garment workers’ children and striving for their holistic development.
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Inauguration of Care and Support Centre

Munnade, to support working women with young children, has set up a Care and Support Centre in Avalahalli, Byatarayapura ward in the premises of Sri Patel Gullappa Public School. Munnade through this Centre has supported 40 garment workers’ children and is striving for their protection and holistic development

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Conduct workshops and extracurricular activities for the holistic development of children

For the holistic development of children, Munnade regularly conducts workshops and other activities on life skills, gender sensitization, environment education and civic education. It includes songs, story-telling, games, drawing, teaching through using plants that are in the SPG school premises and etc. A special event has been organized on 12th February 2022 to create awareness of these issues. Mr. Chandru, the founder and executive director of an NGO called “A AA E EE” (The first four letters of Kannada alphabets), who has expertise in children’s skill development was the resource person for the event.


Providing nutritional food for children-CSC

Munnade is providing nutritious food like milk, fruits, eggs, dry fruits and etc. twice a day. It is improving the immunity power of the kids and help for their mental and physical growth.


Meeting on government schemes available in worker residential areas

Meetings were conducted to educate garment workers about various government schemes available and ways to get them. Information about the different departments implementing the schemes and felicities given. Details of officials responsible for the schemes were given.

Formation of new Self Help Group- Suraksha

Forming and strengthening is one of the key activities of Munnade Social Organisation. We have formed a new SHG of 20 women garment workers called Suraksha in Nayandahalli in the month of November.

One day training on labour law reforms

The training was conducted on 20th September 2020 at Hotel Shri Krishna Nandagokula in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bengaluru. Topics Covered: a. Comparison between the previous and the new laws. b. Process of framing the previous laws which was very democratic and brought about after much debates, discussion and consent. c. Strengths of the previous laws. d. Changes in the laws, pro employer nature of the laws and its adverse effects on workers. e. Ways in which they (Four Labour Codes) were enacted through ordinances without much discussion and consensus building. f. Strategies used to sneak through three of the four Labour Codes, in a hurry, through ordinances during the Covid 19 pandemic. g. Ways in which the absence of resistance from the opposition parties (which have become weak) were used to push through the labour reforms.

Meeting on government schemes available in worker residential areas

Meetings were conducted to educate garment workers, mostly women about the various government schemes available and ways to tap them. Information about the different departments implementing the schemes was given. Details of officials responsible for the schemes were given. Munnade registered itself in various online platforms of the government and through the learning helped workers and their children and family members, either with information to obtain the schemes or helped them to obtain the schemes. The schemes include ration card to obtain free and subsidized groceries (rice, pulses, oil etc), widow pension, old age pension, educational scholarships for children, unmarried women above 40 years of age, pension for transgender persons, pension and schemes for the disabled, construction workers card, bus pass for construction workers ect

Training to 40 workers about Covid 19 Pandemic and its impact on domestic and work life.

The training was conducted on 4th October 2020 at Hotel Shri Krishna Nandagokula in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bengaluru. The resource person was Lakshmi K S, General Secretary of All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA), Karnataka. She works for women and women workers rights. 40 garment workers, (39 women workers) attended the training. a. Increase in domestic violence of women during the Covid 19 pandemic. b. Its relationship with patriarchal values especially due to the women losing income and becoming ‘less productive’ family members. c. Through story telling and folk songs, learning were derived and workers were educated about the discrimination suffered by widows, single women and rape victims, domestic violence and other verbal, mental and physical violence victims.
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COVID-19 Relief Work: Breakfast distribution for garment workers

As most of the women were jobless post-Covid lockdown and were struggling for food, Munnade with Cividep-India’s support has distributed breakfast for around 20 days for 90-100 workers

COVID-19 Relief Work: Distribution of Sanitary Items

Through Cividep-India’s support Munnade has distributed sanitary items for 325 workers and 200 adult girls. The bag included Soap, Shampoo, mask, hand sanitizer and etc.
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Implementation of Dasoha Scheme of Karnataka State Labour Department

When Prime Minister called Nation-wide lockdown The State Government of Karnataka has implemented the scheme called Dasoha to provide food for migrant workers who got stuck in during lockdown. The Labour department has divided the whole city into 198 wards and Munnade volunteers took 3 wards namely Deepanjalinagar, Byatarayanapura and Rajarajeshwarinagar. They have provided two meals for 35 days during this period. Around 1100 migrant workers have benefitted from this initiative
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Distribution of Sanitary Pads

One of the key issues garment workers and their children faced apart from food during this crisis is Sanitary items and especially sanitary pads. Munnade understood the need and distributed the sanitary pads to 142 women garment workers and their daughters through various funders and supporters.

COVID-19 Relief Work: In collaboration with Cividep-India

Munnade with the support of Cividep-India had distributed Organic dry ration and vegetables, which benefitted low-paid workers and family members.

Gas and Rent support by Cividep-India

Through Cividep-India Munnade has supported 54 workers and 144 family members to pay their rents and to purchase gas. It was Rs. 1,74,560 worth support.

COVID-19 Relief Work: In collaboration with Fedina

With Fedina's support Munnade has distributed 120 ration kits including worth Rs. 1,04,000 for garment workers

COVID-19 Relief Work: In collaboration with Fedina

Through an NGO called FEDINA-BANGALORE which supports vulnerable/marginalized community, Munnade has distributed 667 ration kits for garment workers in Bangalore South.

COVID-19 Relief Work: In collaboration with CFAR, SAFA XLRI Alumni Initiative

Through Centre for Advocacy and Change, SAFA XLRI Alumni’s support Munnade has distributed dry Ration for 621 migrant workers who were struck during Nation-wide lockdown

Kannada Quiz to Garment Workers Children

Munnade in collaboration with Cividep India conducted Kannada Quiz to 30 Garment worker children on 5-11-2019. Quiz was based on Kannada Literature, Proverbs and riddles on occasion of Kannada Rajyotsava Three groups with highest score received file as prize for active participation. Everyone received Geometry box as encouragement reward.

One day exposure visit to Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium.

Munnade in collaboration with Cividep India has organized Exposure visit to Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium on 23rd October 2019 for 30 students of Kengeri Educational Trust under Life skill project. 30 students and two teachers from class 8th and 9th (15 students from each class) participated in this one day exposure visit. The objective of this visit is to experience the practical knowledge of Solar system as it is included in the syllabus.

Garment Worker Leaders Meeting

Munnade Social Organisation organised worker leaders meeting in GLU Office Mr. Raju and Mrs. Aruna field activists headed the meeting which included 55 worker Leaders from various factories. Workers listed out finite issues in the factories such as unpaid salary, provident funds and gratuity, immense production targets, over time and no payment for over time. They have supported them with legal advice, educated them about Labour Rights and Law.

Training on Domestic Violence Act, 2005

Munnade Social Organisation organized one day training program on 16th June 2019 on Domestic Violence Act, 2005 at TTT institution for 30 workers working in various garments factory. Resource person Mrs. Sumitra Archarya, an Advocate educated workers regarding women rights, process of filing domestic violence cases, importance of different acts, way of seeking help from Karnataka State Women's Commission, utilizing workers Santhwaana Kendra service, importance of registration of marriage etc.

Handholding Support Meeting

On 9th of June 2019 held Hand Holding support meeting for 33 Worker Leaders of various factories in Garment Labour Union office. This meeting is held to discuss about workers issues in the factory, to create awareness regarding Labour rights, Labour laws and to help workers to claim their provident fund, gratuity and ESI benefit if in case of factory dissolve. Mr. Raju Field Activists from GLU, carried on meeting with workers and clarified workers queries.

Workers training on PF and ESI

The training on Provident fund and Employees State Insurance was conducted by Munnade Social Organisation on 27th of April 2019. 35 women garment workers from various factories attended this training. Mr.Naganath, the former member of State PF and ESI committee, Karnataka was the resource person for the event. In the training, workers were thought on the law of PF and ESI, advantages of enrolling to it, how to get it and how to resolve the problems if they face any.

Facilitation programme for retired women garment workers

Munnade Social Organisation organized a felicitation program for five retired women garment workers on account of International women’s day celebration. It was followed by a cultural event by a popular music team, BhoomthayiBalaga for workers. The event was conducted to identify and appreciate the women workers who stood strong against all workplace harassment throughout their 40 years tenure. This event was seen as an opportunity to motivate the other women garment workers

Transforming children into productive citizens

Here is the quick look what are all activities we have conducted in these 6 weeks. 1st wk: Information about online shopping application & showed how it works.We have given small handbooks which contains the information about Jyothi Ba Phule. 2nd wk: About Annibesant, her ideology & her living style and about drafting the letters. 3rd wk: About the kannada poems & poets.It is conducted to know the knowledge about local language. 4rth wk: On account of Republic day selected 20 children were taken to Metro visit. These 20 students splitted into 7 small groups and at different metro stations starting from Mysore road metro station to Baiyyappanahalli metro station.Students distributed book on Indian constitution preamble to the general public who were in metro stations. 5th wk: Conducted pick & speak activity & given awareness on health & hygiene. 6th wk: Distributed notebooks and questionnaires for SSLC students. The overall objective is to develop the socio-economic knowledge.


Munnade social organisation has organized Fun-fair program for garment workers and for their children with the collaboration of Cividep-India. Approximately 60 children and more than 80 garment workers were participated in this program. This program is conducted in Rajkumar park, Laggere, Bangalore. In one side workshop is designed to engage garment workers and in the other side different fun-activities organized to engage children. The whole park/field turned into carnival with many fun-games, shops and etc. The main objective is to add little happiness and satisfaction in garment workers weekend to relax, have fun and to spend quality time with their children along with education on how they should make their children childhood most memorable one.

Early childhood care and education Centre

Munnade social organisation with the collaboration of Samvada, a Bangalore based Non-governmental organisation and Mother care brand has set-up an Early care and education centre (Crèche), in Laggere, Bangalore. Through this ECCE centre Munnade is supporting 50 pre-schooling and school-going children of garment workers. The main objective of this centre is to enable garment workers to work in peace without worrying much about their small children’s safety and security and to provide early education to children through various activities.

Formation of Self-Help Groups

Formation of Self-help groups is one of the important activities of Munnade Social Organisation. Our SHG coordinator recently formed a SHG of 20 women garment workers who belongs to Storey fashion which is located in Hosagudadahalli, Bangalore , Karnataka, India. Along with the formation of SHG Munnade will teach SHG members, SHG Accounting, importance of savings and how they can get organized to access their rights and entitlements.

Workshop on Protection of women from Domestic violence act, 2005

The workshop Domestic violence was conducted by Munnade organisation. 30 women garment workers from various factories who are also members of self-help groups attended this workshop. Mrs. Sumithra, the family court advocate, Govt. of Karnataka & Mrs.Yashodha, General Secretary was the resource person.The workers were informed that,It is an Act of the Indian Parliament enacted to protect women from domestic violence. The Act provides for the first time in the history of Indian law a definition for “domestic violence”, with this definition being broad and including not only physical violence, but also other forms of violence such as emotional/verbal,sexual and economic abuse.The workers could recognize the various types of domestic violence faced by them in line with the types specified in the Act. For example, within the category of Physical Abuse, they faced grabbing, pinching, shoving, slapping, hitting,biting, kicking.


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