Our Programs

Our Programs

1. Escape to freedom: Empowering women garment workers to enjoy violence free workplace and happy personal life.

2. Enabling socially secure life: Empowering women garment workers to enjoy social security, welfare and government schemes and benefits.  

3. Leading the Way to Freedom: Building leaders who will raise their voice against injustice and support co-workers who are facing violence and harassments.

4. Transforming Children into Productive Citizens: Mainstreaming garment workers children (6 to 16 years) through quality education and overall development opportunities.

5. Enabling garment workers to work in peaceEnsuring early childhood care, development and education of garment worker children aged (0-4 years). 

6. Enabling garment workers to continue their jobs: Ensuring the security and care of garment worker children aged (5-12 yrs).